Circle (2015 Movie Review)


Ever wake up in a dark room with 49 other people and learn that you have kill each other off through a democratic process and hope to be the last survivor?  You mix alien abduction, democratic strategy, and lots of social issues and you get this fantastic edge of your seat film!  It is a perfect example when two wolves and a sheep are voting on what’s for dinner.  Truly gripping! 

There is only one set the entire movie.  You literally could do this movie on a high school stage, add just a few pyrotechnics and bam you would have a winner!  Directors Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione knew their budget (probably $0) and they absolutely pull you in with controversial social issues.  It has just enough special effects, talent, and story telling that would make this movie hold it’s own at the box office if we weren’t all pretentious snobs who only watch $400 million dollar movies.

I can’t wait to see more from these two directors.

Immediately things pick up pace very quickly as people start dying within the first few seconds as they learn that they are not allowed to leave the circle or they get zapped.  On top of that, every two minutes they have to democratically vote who dies next!  If you don’t vote, someone dies anyway.

Needless to say at first you have hope that they’ll work together to figure out their situation.  That seems to be the idea until more and more people start dying.  Each of the people are from different social status so controversial social issues inevitably creep up rather quickly.

The script’s dialogue is superb and the actors who portray them bring an anxiety to the film that make the entire running time of this film intense.  Racial prejudice, financial status, veterans, bankers, illegal immigrants, liberals, conservatives, a pregnant woman, and even a child all have to try and fend for themselves in this strategic game of sacrifice.

The movie touches on philosophy and different points of view.  For instance, do we kill all the old people first since they’re about to die anyway?  Do we kill all the non-English speaking people?  Or the breast cancer survivor? Or how about people who don’t believe in God?  Hell while we’re at it, let’s kill the pregnant chick!

If it weren’t for the threat of being zapped it would have been an all out brawl and I found the movie to be an interesting critique on humanity. The movie lacks any humor, and I understand why.  The consequences of wasting time are well known. So this is forgivable.

As it gets down to the wire, the people voting for each other become more and more desperate and the death toll mounts up quickly.  The suspense stay constant as you wonder who the heck is going to survive!

All in all, this film is a dark look in the mirror of our humanity.

The ending will shock you!

C E Score Sheet (1-5)

Production Quality: 5
Cast: 4
Cinematography: 3
Soundtrack: 2
Story: 5
Re-watchability: 4

C E Metascore: 3 (Rent it!  Then blog about it!)

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