Saturday Night Drive In: The Conspiracy (2012 XLRator)


The Conspiracy is one of those mockumentary type films made popular by The Blaire Witch Project.  This great “documentary” draws you into a world that cannot be acknowledged nor denied.  You’ll be questioning your own sanity after seeing this flick.  In the mood for an eyeopening experience that will get you questioning every single thing that you encounter on a day to day life.  Seriously, this is one of those movies that can ruin everything for you.  Take the chance!  It’s worth it!

Written and directed by Christopher MacBride, we follow Aaron Poole and James Gilbert as they make a documentary about a infamous conspiracy theorist “Terrance G”.  That is until he turns up missing and his house ransacked.  Then shit gets real!

This movie goes into just how easy it is to fall into the world of conspiracy.  It also shows just how screwed up real life really is!  Nearly every major conspiracy is addressed in the film but tied together in an effort to expose a uber powerful and supremely influential secret society called the The Tarsus Club (Ssssshhhh).

As our protagonist move throughout the movie strange things begin to happen to the two.  From spooks following them, houses being invaded, and secret meetings with guys with no faces, and a group bent on keeping you enslaved and convinced you have freedom while they build a New World Order around you.  You eventually become attached to the guys wanting them to stumble onto the truth of just how screwed we really are.

Watch this movie with caution.  Paranoia maybe a side effect.  Consult your physician if you experience the feeling of being followed, strange voices or clicks on your phone, or if you just plain disappear.  In that case however; it’s probably too late.

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