Drive Angry (2011 Movie Review)


Drive Angry is an awesome throwback to grind house movies. It’s simple, basic, and over the top in everything. Nicholas Cage, the king of over the top roles, is our lead John Milton. The film opens up with Milton breaking out of Hell by stealing a car!

I don’t actually want to spoil the plot for folks. Let’s just say that for a man sentenced to Hell, he’s got his priorities right. He’s on a mission any one of us could understand. He’s on the trail of a stereotypical redneck cult led by Jonah King, played by Billy Burke.  Along the way appear some interesting cameos I refuse to spoil.

Milton picks up a stray from a diner named Piper, played by Amber Heard. She stays along for the ride when any sane female would have maced him and fled. Together they’re trailed by the Accountant, the most awesome scene stealing co-star William Fichtner.

The Accountant’s identity is rich with lore, in which Milton references several of his aliases. Also, a few scenes involving his magic coin and a unique bullet and gun are worth looking into. Anyone into mythology can appreciate his tricks and the fact that if the myths are true, that even he is bound by a few limitations. The entire movie is based on car chases. Milton hunts King, King hunts Milton, the Accountant is hunting Milton etc.

I can’t help but love this movie. It’s so ridiculous it’s awesome. It’s been added to my collection of cult movies. There’s excessive violence, sex, gore, swearing, etc. The muscle cars, stereotypical bad boy, and naughty girls are a homage to grind house movies.

The lead actors were fantastic. The extras and cameos really sold the film too. This movie was perfect in that you knew what is was selling you, and they gave it to you. I watched it expecting a grind house homage and that’s what I got. I refuse to rate it in comparison to most other movies. The script, characters, props, soundtrack, etc. were exactly what I’d want from an awesome grind house flick. I can re-watch this baby for laughs at least once a week.

C E Score Sheet (1-5)

Production Quality: 5
Cast: 5
Cinematography: 5
Soundtrack: 5
Story: 5
Re-watchability: 5

C E Metascore: 5 – A must own for cult classic/grind house enthusiasts!
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