Aliens in the Mind


If you love Doctor Who then you will love this Robert Holmes adaptation of Aliens in the Mind starring two of the most iconic and legendary actors of radio drama.  Peter Cushing and Vincent Price, so you know by automatic default, this is freaking awesome!

“Aliens in the Mind” is based on a story by the then-foremost “Doctor Who” script editor Robert Holmes. It centers around the discovery, on a remote Scottish island, of a community of ‘human mutants’ capable of telepathy. A plan is in place to use them to control the British Government, and friends Curtis Lark (Vincent Price) and Hugh Baxter (Peter Cushing) join forces to combat them. Launching a new range of “Classic Radio Sci-Fi” releases, this six-part BBC radio drama stars none other than Peter Cushing and Vincent Prince, who between them became two of the most famous horror film stars of the 1950s and 1960s. This renowned production from 1976 is sure to delight fans of science fiction, archive radio, horror films and “Doctor Who”. This release forms part of BBC Audiobooks’ “Classic Radio Sci-Fi” range.

Approximate Total Play Time:  163 Minutes