Halloween Edition: The Corpse Vanishes (1942 Full Film)


Orchids are often sent to weddings.  However, not when a mad scientist sends them to a young bride that appears to kill her!  When in actuality she was placed in suspended animation where the mad scientist (played by legendary Bela Lugosi) steals her body.  Why?  To steal her glandular fluid of course!  Everyone knows that glandular fluid reverses aging and restores beauty way better than Botox and plastic surgery!  I wonder what will happen when a hungry journalist hungry for a story sticks her nose in other people’s business.

The Corpse Vanishes stars Bela Lugosi and is directed by Wallace Fox.  It was written by Harvey Gates and portray a mad scientist desperate to restore his wife’s beauty played by Elizabeth RussellLuana Walters plays the plucky journalist and Tristram Coffin plays the local town doctor to help solve the mystery of disappearing brides.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 riffs on the movie in their very first season.  A funny part of the riff was when Joel asked Tom Servo if there is anything positive in the movie, Tom Servo then blows a fuse and short circuits!