Cryptic Escape’s Halloween Movie Extravaganza II October 1 -31!

halloween-movies-on-netflixIt’s that wonderful time of the year!  Join Cryptic Escape this October for nightly fix of all things chilling and gruesome!  We are bringing back the classics from their tombs and a few new goodies here and there.  Halloween movies were something special and we’re sharing that special with you!

You can leave comments for discussions on the page during the movies where we know you will enjoy them and we can rediscover the good old days of innovation in horror.  Once again the legends of the silver screen will grace our presence.  Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price and the list goes on and on!

By sharing these movies with you, we expect to educate you with the genre of horror and give you an idea how the movies were made and a history of these movies.  Not only will this be a fun trip through the grasp of terror and macabre but you will learn something about the genre that we all love and live so well!

Have a most excellent Halloween!