The Ape Man (1943 Full Movie)


Ever want to see Bela Lugosi in a rip off of the teen wolf outfit?  Yeah, me neither but Bela Lugosi sure knows how to sell this role in The Ape Man!  Starring legendary Bela Lugosi as Dr. James Brewster and Henry Hall as Dr. Randall, two mad scientists who are set out in a scientific experiment to evolve an ape into a man.

However, things don’t work out exactly the way they had to anticipated and need a cure for their failed experiment.  Of course, the go-to cure for such mad experiments is good old-fashioned spinal fluid (Snake oil, I know)!  Jeff Carter (Wallace Ford) a reporter and his sidekick photographer Billie Mason (Louise Currie) stumble upon this plot and search to find the truth of what really happened.