A*P*E (1976 Full Film)


He’s a 36-foot tall behemoth of a gorilla and he escapes from an oil tanker.  Watch him battle with a great white shark before he reaches landfall and destroys civilization.  Just because!  Then we’ll see him wrestle a giant python all before he fist kidnapping of the day!  

In his grasp, the beautiful Marilyn (Joanna Kerns) screams and flails.  This, of course, requires a huge military smash em’ up response.  Just because!

Released in Korea as King Kong’s Great Counterattack, is your typical monster movie of the 70’s.  It was a joint venture between American and South Korean companies Kukje Movies, Lee-Ming Film, and World Entertainment.

A*P*E was directed by Paul Leder and features great special effects by Park Kwang Nam.  The movie stars Joanna Kerns, Rod Arrants, and Alex Nicol and was released right about the same time as the more famous version of King Kong by Dino De Laurentiis.

The movie would grow a cult following and several name changes.  Such as Attack of the Giant Horny Gorilla (a grindhouse release in 1982) and Hideous Mutant for VHS.  This movie quite possibly launched the career of Joanna Kerns