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Witch Hunter Robin E6 – “Raindrops”

“Raindrops” Robin’s Vespa runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere, but she’s soon rescued from an approaching thunderstorm by Eiko Yano, who offers her a lift back into town. But when her benefactor is found dead the very next day, Read More!

YU YU HAKUSHO S1E56 – “Three Monsters”

“Three Monsters” Koenma reveals to Yusuke that he is a spirit detective, and must use his own unique abilities to battle demons and other threats to the Living World. Koenma additionally gives Yusuke a mission to recover three artifacts stolen Read More!

Record of Lodoss War E6 – “The Sword of the Dark Emperor”

“The Sword of the Dark Emperor” The Marmo forces attack Valis leaving nothing behind but scorched earth in a ploy to draw Fahn out to Beld. Having learnt Karla’s intentions from Wort, the group races back to Valis. Upon meeting Read More!

Legend of the Galactic Heroes S1E6 – “The Knights of the Rose”

“The Knights of the Rose” Yang decides to take Iserlohn by a ruse. The Rosen Ritter (Knights of the rose), a ground combat unit made of Imperial exiles, will pose as an imperial crew and infiltrate the fortress. Yang’s staff Read More!

Witch Hunter Robin E5 – “Smells Like the Wandering Spirit”

“Smells Like the Wandering Spirit” The STN-J has to look for a witch who has mysteriously disappeared. Investigating the places where the homeless of the city congregate, they hope to find a clue as to the location of their target. Read More!

Legend of the Galactic Heroes S1E5 – “The Kastrop Rebellion”

“The Kastrop Rebellion” A new admiralty is created for Reinhard. He chooses commoners and lesser nobles to command his fleets: August Samuel Wahlen, Cornelius Lutz, Karl Gustav Kempf, Fritz Josef Bittenfeld, Ernest Mecklinger, Wolfgang Mittermeyer and Oskar von Reuenthal. Meanwhile, Read More!

Witch Hunter Robin E4 – “Stubborn Aesthetics”

“Stubborn Aesthetics” Robin Sena’s daily routine takes her through a park, after her morning prayers. When she discovers that three dead bodies were discovered there prior to her coming to Japan, she and Miho Karasuma decide to investigate further, unaware of the Read More!

Yu Yu Hakusho S1E4 – “Requirements for Lovers”

“Requirements for Lovers” Keiko goes to Yusuke’s house to watch over him. Multiple house fires were reported around the area. It is soon realized that Yusuke’s house becomes kindled after Keiko leaves. She returns to try to retrieve him from Read More!

Record of Lodoss War S1E4 – “The Grey Witch”

“The Grey Witch” Unable to enter Alan, the capital of Alania, the group is informed that Alania will not resist Marmo but will not become its slaves. When Lodoss hears of the invasion, King Fahn of Valis dispatches his own Read More!

Legend of the Galactic Heroes S1E4 – “Empire’s Afterglow”

“Empire’s Afterglow” In Odin (capital planet of the Galactic Empire), Reinhard is promoted to imperial admiral after his victory at Astate. With his friend Siegfried Kircheis, he pays a visit to his elder sister Annerose, the Emperor’s favorite. In a Read More!

Witch Hunter Robin – “Episode 2: Addicted to Power”

“Addicted to Power” The STN-J is ordered to take out Kazuya Misawa, a businessman recently acquitted of the charge of murdering his partner, which witnesses say was done by way of a curse. The media frenzy surrounding the case and Read More!

Record of Lodoss War – “Episode 2: Blazing Departure”

“Blazing Departure” In an origin episode, Ghim sets out to find Leylia, Neese’s daughter who has disappeared. Meanwhile, Parn steps in to save Liara from a group of attacking goblins. Once the goblins have dispersed Etoh appears and together they Read More!

Legend of the Galactic Heroes – “S1 E2: The Battle for Astate”

“The Battle of Astate” After the destruction of the 4th and 6th fleets, Reinhard’s fleet engages the 2nd Fleet. When its commander is wounded, Yang takes command and manages to escape utter destruction. In Phezzan, Adrian Rubinsky, administrator of the Read More!

Witch Hunter Robin – “Episode 1: Replacement”

Robin Sena arrives at the STN-J’s Raven’s Flat office in Tokyo a little earlier than expected, and is mistaken for “one of Amon’s girls”, so is told to go away. The STN-J’s witch hunting team discuss the previous night’s hunt and capture Read More!

Yu Yu Hakishu – “Episode 1: Surprised to Be Dead”

A 14-year-old narcissistic, street-fighting slacker Yusuke Urameshi dies an unlikely hero after he is hit by a car after saving a young child who was playing with a ball in the street. He soon learns that the child would have lived anyway Read More!

Record of Lodoss War – “Episode 1: Prologue to the Legend”

A group of adventurers, Parn the knight, Deedlit the elf, Ghim the dwarf, Woodchuck the thief, Slayn the wizard, and Etoh the cleric, enter the ruins of a great dwarven hall. After fending off an attack by gargoyles, they continue Read More!

Legend of the Galactic Heroes – “S1 Episode 1: In the Eternal Night”

January 1, 796 S.C. / 487 I.C.: in the Astate star system, 20,000 spaceships of the Imperial fleet under Reinhard von Lohengramm’s command is about to be cornered by three Alliance fleets of 13,000 spaceships each. Against the advice of his subordinates, Read More!