Record of Lodoss War – “Episode 2: Blazing Departure”

Record of Lodoss War

“Blazing Departure”

In an origin episode, Ghim sets out to find Leylia, Neese’s daughter who has disappeared. Meanwhile, Parn steps in to save Liara from a group of attacking goblins. Once the goblins have dispersed Etoh appears and together they return to Parn’s village. However, the locals are unhappy at the death of one of the goblins as they know the goblins will want retribution against the village. It is revealed that Parn’s father was a disgraced knight. Elsewhere Ghim meets up with Slayn, whilst an elf notices goblins on the march. Parn dons his father’s armor and Etoh accompanies him to destroy the goblins. After killing two goblins they are notified by the elf that the village is under attack. They hurry back while Slayn arrives at the village and kills several goblins. Parn fights the goblin leader and is nearly defeated but finally kills him after being given strength by Slayn. The locals are annoyed with Parn for bringing about the attack on the village but the elder decides instead on banishment that Parn should investigate the source of the evil befalling Lodoss. Etoh, Ghim, and Slayn join him whilst the elf looks down from above.