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April 28

Record of Lodoss War E6 – “The Sword of the Dark Emperor”

“The Sword of the Dark Emperor” The Marmo forces attack Valis leaving nothing behind but scorched earth in a ploy to draw Fahn out to Beld. Having learnt Karla’s intentions from Wort, the group races back to Valis. Upon meeting some badly injured villagers, Parn, Deedlit and Woodchuck leave to inform King Fahn of what […]

April 21

Record of Lodoss War E5 – “The Desert King”

“The Desert King” King Kashue, the mercenary king of Flaim, makes his way towards Valis to meet King Fahn. On his way, he briefly meets Prince Jester of Moss and later Karla introduces herself to him. The group are given an audience with King Fahn and they celebrate their rescue of Princess Fannia. King Kashue […]

April 14

Record of Lodoss War S1E4 – “The Grey Witch”

“The Grey Witch” Unable to enter Alan, the capital of Alania, the group is informed that Alania will not resist Marmo but will not become its slaves. When Lodoss hears of the invasion, King Fahn of Valis dispatches his own daughter, Princess Fianna, to establish an alliance with Alania to oppose Beld. Meanwhile Karla decides […]

February 24

Record of Lodoss War – “Episode 3: The Black Knight”

“The Black Knight” Deedlit, the elf, makes herself known to Parn. Suddenly they are attacked by a dark elf leading a band of kobolds. The others arrive and scare the attackers away before the group is arrested by Alanian soldiers. In the dungeon, the group meets Woodchuck who updates them about the invasion of Alania […]

February 17

Record of Lodoss War – “Episode 2: Blazing Departure”

“Blazing Departure” In an origin episode, Ghim sets out to find Leylia, Neese’s daughter who has disappeared. Meanwhile, Parn steps in to save Liara from a group of attacking goblins. Once the goblins have dispersed Etoh appears and together they return to Parn’s village. However, the locals are unhappy at the death of one of […]

February 10

Record of Lodoss War – “Episode 1: Prologue to the Legend”

A group of adventurers, Parn the knight, Deedlit the elf, Ghim the dwarf, Woodchuck the thief, Slayn the wizard, and Etoh the cleric, enter the ruins of a great dwarven hall. After fending off an attack by gargoyles, they continue further into the hall, certain they are not alone. Deedlit is caught in a trap, […]