Record of Lodoss War E5 – “The Desert King”

Record of Lodoss War

“The Desert King”

King Kashue, the mercenary king of Flaim, makes his way towards Valis to meet King Fahn. On his way, he briefly meets Prince Jester of Moss and later Karla introduces herself to him. The group are given an audience with King Fahn and they celebrate their rescue of Princess Fannia. King Kashue makes his entrance and Parn seems particularly awestruck with him, to Deedlit’s annoyance. Woodchuck quietly slips out and plays dice with the guards. When he is discovered cheating he has kicked out the guard’s barracks. He wanders around the castle and notices dead guards who have been slain by the prisoner Naba whom Karla has released. Rushing back to the celebration ball which Naba has crashed as he attempts to kill Kashue, Woodchuck throws Parn a sword and he distracts Naba long enough for Kashue to kill him. Later when Kashue is teaching Parn to swordfight Karla makes another appearance. Unsure of her motivations King Fahn, Kashue and Prince Jester decide to send Parn to travel to Wort to discover more about Karla. Meanwhile, an advance raiding party led by Lord Ashram wipe out the Valis border guards enabling Beld to advance into Valis.