Record of Lodoss War E6 – “The Sword of the Dark Emperor”

Record of Lodoss War

“The Sword of the Dark Emperor”

The Marmo forces attack Valis leaving nothing behind but scorched earth in a ploy to draw Fahn out to Beld. Having learnt Karla’s intentions from Wort, the group races back to Valis. Upon meeting some badly injured villagers, Parn, Deedlit and Woodchuck leave to inform King Fahn of what is happening while the others stay to help the injured. Parn informs King Fahn that if the balance of power in Lodoss is tipped, Karla makes an appearance to affect the course of history. Parn is offered the armour of a Holy Knight of Valis but politely refuses in favour of wearing his father’s, but does accept the shield. King Fahn recounts to Parn a tale of how he and his knights united Valis long ago. He tells of Shooting Star, a dragon the people of Flaim, and the tribesmen demanded Princess Fianna as a sacrifice to appease the dragon. Fahn agrees but his knight Tesseus (Parn’s disgraced father) hatches a plan to go rogue and rescue her. The plan is successful and Tesseus leaves to the front disgraced. Emperor Beld realises the Narse is restless and ponders who is summoning it. Kashue’s army engages the enemy and suffers huge losses as King Fahn’s forces prepare to move out.