Record of Lodoss War S1E4 – “The Grey Witch”

Record of Lodoss War

“The Grey Witch”

Unable to enter Alan, the capital of Alania, the group is informed that Alania will not resist Marmo but will not become its slaves. When Lodoss hears of the invasion, King Fahn of Valis dispatches his own daughter, Princess Fianna, to establish an alliance with Alania to oppose Beld. Meanwhile Karla decides to intercept the princess on behalf of Beld. The group decide to go straight to Valis via the Forest Of No Return to save time. Deedlit protects the group during their passage through but Woodchuck, Ghim and Parn are almost killed after seeing hallucinations including one where Ghim sees Leylia and tries to follow her. The group manage to make it to the other side and Ghim tells the group about his task to find Leylia. They chance upon the princess’ carriage under attack by Karla’s magic. Ghim identifies Karla as Leylia and due to her respect of the group’s courage, she releases Princess Fannia before disappearing. Beld remembers Fahn actions from 30 years ago and swears that Valis is next. The episode ends with the dragon Narse calling out to Wagnard who thinks it is Kardis herself causing his powers to flare up.