Age of Adventure

Age of Adventure


Before the first age of humanity, there was a lost forgotten age.  The continents of today have yet to be carved out by immense glaciers of the Ice Age.  It’s a time where human life was worth little but glory was priceless!  Kingdom’s were cleaved from flesh and drawn by the sword.  Destruction and demonic carnage conquer the tribes of man and the cities of Gods.  Tyrannical armies of darkness march to subjugate and evolve humanity into its abyssal image. Beings from another planet have crashed to reseed the planet and control the destiny of the primitive man-apes.  Tiamat has yet to explode and rain its hell upon the continents.  This is the tale of mankind’s survival, the fall of Eden, and the death of the Gods upon Earth.  This is The Age of Adventure!

Warning:  Content Intended for a Mature Audience.

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