The new era of super heroes is upon us.  An elite group of meta-powered beings is here whether you are ready for them or not.  Mutants, mad scientists, sorcerers, and demi-gods rise to The Pantheon.  A group of the most super powered individuals the universe has yet to see has arrived.  They intend to declare all out war on evil with maximum prejudice.  What if the source of Evil is mankind himself?  Could The Pantheon be a group vigilantes with good intentions or are they power mad tyrants? Is the world ready for this New World Order?  Can we live in peace under the protection of these self-appointed Gods?  Are Gods themselves above corruption?  Mankind will have to choose their destiny.

Warning:  Content Intended for Mature Audience

Pantheon is © 2017 Hixson Hammer, Wesley Lovecraft, and Cryptic Escape Magazine. 

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