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December 15

Cryptic Studies (Genesis Part II -The Creation)

“In the beginning God created the heaven and earth.  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  And God said, Let there be Light:  and there was light.”  Genesis 1:1 – 1:3 At this […]

November 11

Cryptic Studies (Genesis Part I -Introduction to Genesis)

Scientists are really good at describing how the universe works.  They have laws and theories and all are very good at what they do.  Without them we wouldn’t have medicine, combustion engines, flight, and even space travel.  But what science isn’t very good at is telling us WHO created the universe.  Instead some would rather […]

November 04

The Devil Bat (1940 Full Film)

PRC (Producers Releasing Corporation) released this classic Bela Lugosi, The Devil Bat, movie back in 1940.  It was their very first horror film and with the success of The Devil Bat would go on to make many more movies.  They became prolific in their movie releases because they were able to produce movies quickly and […]

November 02

Cryptic Studies (The Old Testament Part I -Introduction to the Old Testament)

The Old Testament.  What is it?  Does it still matter?  To some Christians yes and to others no.  Some Christians even hate the title of the Old Testament as much as the Jewish people do.   Reason being?  They feel that the title “Old Testament” means that the book and it’s teachings are frankly, out […]

October 16

The Cat and the Canary (1939 Paramount Full Film)

Ever wonder where the story of “people ending up in a creepy mansion and then one by one people start dying and everyone starts suspecting everyone” comes from?  You know, the classic whodunit?  Before big time movie monsters like The Thing or Freddie Kruger there was the classic whodunits where people were actually quite afraid […]

October 12

Alien Raiders (2008 Warner Full Film)

So what do you do when you want to remake the classic John Carpenter film, The Thing?  Well you don’t.  Never remake this timeless classic!  However; you are allowed to let it inspire you to retell the story in a different setting and have some fun with it. Enter Alien Raiders!  This film features a […]

October 10

Cryptic Escape Goes Live with Dragon Age Inqusition!

As stated earlier this week we’re going to be streaming live on our own channel located here.  It’s simple all you have to do is click on on our channel form the menu bar and let the magic of the internet do the rest. We’re going to be streaming video games of course, some of […]

October 10

An American Werewolf in Paris (1997 Buena Vista Full Movie)

Considered a comedy horror film directed by Anthony Waller, An American Werewolf in Paris was stuck in development for six years!  Waller had to co-writers Tim Burns and Tom Stern to help out with this much anticipated sequel to the John Landis film An American Werewolf in London and was shot in the UK, Netherlands, […]

October 07

April Fool’s Day (1986 Paramount Pictures Full Movie)

So you’re in college.  You’re bored but you have an eccentric rich friend with a private island.  What is there to do before April Fool’s Day?  Well obviously you grab all your mates and strand yourself on an island with a murderer and whoopee cushions!   April Fool’s Day is a mystery thriller directed by […]

October 06

Criminally Insane (1975 Full Film)

They say being addicted to food is a vicious cycle.  You eat cause your sad, you’re sad because you eat.  Well there isn’t anything more true in this crazy film about Fat Ethel, a psycho who murders anyone who gets in the way of her appetite! Criminally Insane is a 1975 film directed by Nick Millard […]

October 05

Blood and Black Lace (1964 Full Film)

Blood and Black Lace.  Or as I like to call it.  A really great freaking film!  Others would call it Six Women for the Murderer.  Blood and Black Lace is definitely a much cooler title though. Quite fitting for a legendary film such as this imported from Italy.  It was directed by Mario Bava and […]

October 04

Cryptic Escape goes LIVE on Twitch.tv!

Throwing you guys another site update.  Always something exiting going on here at C E headquarters.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I simply do not have enough gnomes to do all my work so I’ve enlisted (drafted) a few more people to push things a little further again this year. One of these pushes […]

October 04

The Maze (1953 Allied Artists Pictures Full Film)

Do you ever get the urge to walk up to a camera and start monologuing to a make believe audience about a terrifying event that happened in your life?  No?  You should start!  But before you do you need a few lessons and we’re going to give them to you for low low price of…absolutely nothing! […]

October 03

The Boogie Man Will Get You (1942 Columbia Pictures Full Movie)

Looking to buy an old tavern and call it your own?  Professor Nathaniel Billings has just the place for you!  Never-mind the ghosts and the super mutants running around the place murdering people.  It’s all for the war effort so obviously it’s for the greater good right?   I love this movie.  It’s a light […]

October 02

Svengali (1931 Warner Brothers Full Film)

Are you a tone deaf singer with good looks but you’re broke on your ass but you still wish to make it big?  Well look no further than Svengali!  Need auto-tune to become a star?  Svengali says, screw that!  He’ll make you an instant star over night with his occultic powers he’ll be able to turn you […]

July 21

CE Publications Update!

Hello everyone D.H. Hammer here and I just wanted to let everyone know what we’ve been up to this past few months.  It’s been very busy here to say the least.  However, things are very exciting as we move forward into this year! We’ve been reading lots of submissions and have a whole wave of […]

January 25

The Coolest Video Game Review You Have Ever Read

  Push Play! It’s a cold stormy night.  It’s raining like a mother fucker as I stand in the graveyard of my backyard.  A crack of thunder and I could see the epitaphs of all the tombstones of all the conquered video games of my past.  A triumph of all the ass I have kicked […]

January 02

Saturday Night Drive In: Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter (1974 Hammer)

2016 should be launched with three words. Awesome British Horror!!!  Hammer Film Productions woke up, looked at this script for Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter, determined it was bad ass, slapped on a R rating (oooooooooooo), and basis for Vampire Hunter D was created!  For this we thank you, Hammer! The film was meant to be […]

December 19

Saturday Night Drive In: Battle Beyond the Stars (1980 New World Pictures)

So you didn’t go see Star Wars last night.  Perhaps tickets are so astronomically high these days that the popcorn and the crying children and the rude belching teenagers just wasn’t worth J.J. Abrams and Disney’s version of Star Wars VII. But that’s okay!  We have nowhere near the next best thing!   Enter:  Battle […]

November 06

Cryptic Escape Upcoming News!

In an attempt to bring quality articles, stories, and just plain weird stuff to our readers we want to make sure we are doing the best job we can.  We had a very successful October and it was a lot of fun.  Thank you all for watching the movies we selected for you and we […]

November 03

Cryptic Escape Magazine Joins Extra Life to Help the Kids!!!

Dear Subscribers, Friends, and Family, Join Cryptic Escape Magazine and team CoSC’s important mission to save kids and we need your desperately help! Our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their family’s ability to pay!  You shouldn’t have a billing department when these kids are facing scary stuff […]

October 03

Re-Animator (1985 Film)

Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s “Herbert West-Reanimator”, Re-Animator is a 1985 film that plays on zombie science fiction, horror, and goofy comedy.  Re-Animator is the first in a trilogy of films and has since become the very definition of a cult film.  The cult hysteria of the film is largely driven by fans of Jeffery Combs, […]

September 28

The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (1974 Hammer Film)

Two of my favorite movie studios got together in 1974.  Hammer Studios and Shaw Brothers Studio hacked  and kicked each other in the face to create one of the greatest cult movies ever.  The Legend of the 7Golden Vampires.  In North American it was called The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula.  It has a third, lesser […]

September 23

The Ride Vincent Vayne

The Ride of Vincent Vayne Ride into Hell as fast as you can!  Then ride out even faster!  Grab your bible, sprinkle the holy water, and lock n’ load!  The pits of the damned have been opened up as a demonic plague and eldritch horrors have unearthed themselves bringing damnation to the Wild West.  Sin, […]

September 22

Age of Adventure

Age of Adventure Before the first age of humanity, there was a lost forgotten age.  The continents of today have yet to be carved out by immense glaciers of the Ice Age.  It’s a time where human life was worth little but glory was priceless!  Kingdom’s were cleaved from flesh and drawn by the sword.  […]

September 21


Pantheon The new era of super heroes is upon us.  An elite group of meta-powered beings is here whether you are ready for them or not.  Mutants, mad scientists, sorcerers, and demi-gods rise to The Pantheon.  A group of the most super powered individuals the universe has yet to see has arrived.  They intend to […]

September 20

Cryptic Escape’s Hallloween Movie Extravaganza! Sept. 28-Nov. 2

Greetings boyz and ghoulz!  Join Cryptic Escape this October for a nightly movie of chills, terror, and horror!  The classics are resurrected from the grave to haunt your waking hours!  Join us from September 28 – November 2 for this longer than a month long event!  We cannot wait to startle you!  We always celebrate […]

September 17

Killing Me Darkly

Killing Me Darkly Sometimes justice is a jail cell.  Sometimes justice is a noose.  Other times it’s two bullets to the back of the head.  What happens when you know all of your government’s secrets?  What happens when every elite assassin in the world is hunting the bounty on your head?  All hell breaks loose!  […]

September 16

Bloody Cherry

Bloody Cherry The world ended on October 25, 1962.  The world itself became extinct and barren.  Nuclear weapons ignited and burned the atmosphere away leaving its cities a ruined necropolis.  Humans are no longer top of the food chain.  The nuclear winter wasn’t even the worst of it.  Now factions of humans fight for survival […]

September 15

Star Crashed

Star Crashed Carson Crash has been thrown far into the future and across the universe into another galaxy.  Lost and alone he is forced to befriend aliens, star lords, and demigods in an attempt to return to his own time and place.  Away from his daughter, he has to cope with his wife’s death and […]