April Fool’s Day (1986 Paramount Pictures Full Movie)


So you’re in college.  You’re bored but you have an eccentric rich friend with a private island.  What is there to do before April Fool’s Day?  Well obviously you grab all your mates and strand yourself on an island with a murderer and whoopee cushions!  

April Fool’s Day is a mystery thriller directed by Fred Walton and stars Deborah Foreman, Amy Steel, and Ken Olandt.  The music was composed by Charles Bernstein and was filmed in British Columbia, Canada featuring a mostly American cast.  Paramount Pictures distributed this classic and gruesome whodunit.

So what do you do when you’re in college and you have a wealthy best friend and it’s the weekend leading up to April Fool’s Day?  Well, if you’re like Harvey, Archie, Skip, Nan, Rob, Chaz, Kit, and Nikki you would spend it on an island mansion and basically die a gruesome death!

I like this movie.  It has a sizable budget for the era ($5 million) and for a paramount movie it not too bad at all.  Even the poster for the movie has cool gimmicks to it, and I will probably frame one up and put on a wall somewhere.  The tone is set quite early on in the movie once they arrive on the island and Muffy, Skip’s sister, manages to stumble upon an old jack-in-the-box.  A creepy flashback ensues while the friends on the pier and Buck is grievously injured in an apparent “accident”.

It appears Muffy has lined up a set of practical jokes.  Pretty lame ones too.  Whoopee cushions and trick glasses.  I believe this is just east you into thinking this is going to be one of those dorky movies so you lower your guard.  Soon after you do so people start disappearing for no apparent reason and the phone are dead.

Oh and they find Skip and Archie’s head’s and Nan’s dead body.  All great considering they are all trapped on this damn island until Monday.  So we get to see everyone start to break down and try to not only survive but find how who the heck is slaughtering all their friends.

What I really enjoy about this movie is that the college kids begin dropping off one by one.  A clue is left behind here and there and actually gives you a chance to solve the mystery with them.

Just a clue, it’s not who you think!  Mind will be blown!

This movie does have an alternate ending that was never shown or filmed.  It revolved around the brother killing his sister for the inheritance. It was lame compared to the released ending so enjoy this 80’s classic!


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