The Boogie Man Will Get You (1942 Columbia Pictures Full Movie)


Looking to buy an old tavern and call it your own?  Professor Nathaniel Billings has just the place for you!  Never-mind the ghosts and the super mutants running around the place murdering people.  It’s all for the war effort so obviously it’s for the greater good right?  

I love this movie.  It’s a light hearted horror comedy with two of my favorite horror movie legends.  Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre play fantastic characters in this madscientist tale of a dastardly mortgage.  Yes, I said mortgage.  >.>

You see, due to a mortgage that is unpayable, Professor Nathaniel Billings (Boris Karloff) must sell his tavern.  No problem!  The cute and adorable yet naive Winne Layden (Jeff Donnell, yes Jeff is her real name.) appears to scoop up the place.  However; there is a condition.

Even though Winne loves the place, she agrees with a huge smile, to allow Professor Billings to continue working in his laboratory which is in the basement.  Because everything good comes out of basements.  Right?

This is the final film that Boris Karloff would star in for Columbia, in which Columbia was trying to real in some last minute profit from the major success of Karloff’s Broadway play Arsenic and Old Lace.  The production The Boogie Man Will Get You was made while Karloff was on hiatus from Arsenic and Old Lace was taking a break for the summer.  If you’ve seen AoL then you will clearly see very peculiar similarities between this film and AoL.  For instance, the dead bodies that appear in the basements.  Karloff is not noob when it comes to playing a mad scientist and he’s quite good at it.  He’s had lots of practice.


To amp up hype for this movie, Columbia plotted to a fool proof publicity campaign.  They polled all the film critics at that time and asked them to put together a list of the ten best villains that appeared on the silver screen.  Columbia had this in the bag because Karloff and Lorre were both legends in of the horror genre.

Or so they thought.

What were the top villains of all time?

  1.  The witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  2. The wolf from Three Little Pigs.
  3. The cat from Pinocchio.

….You get the point.  Disney, somehow had taken over the villains department so Columbia dropped their publicity campaign.

That however, doesn’t mean jack.  This movie is fantastic, fun, and Karloff and Lorre knock it out of the park on this one!

So put on your lab coats, turn up the voltage on the television, and enjoy this Columbia great!


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