Bloody Cherry


The world ended on October 25, 1962.  The world itself became extinct and barren.  Nuclear weapons ignited and burned the atmosphere away leaving its cities a ruined necropolis.  Humans are no longer top of the food chain.  The nuclear winter wasn’t even the worst of it.  Now factions of humans fight for survival every moment of the day just to eek out a pitiful existence. The Human Power Elite have taken refuge in underground fortresses and plan to retake the remaining resources of the planet ready to bring World War IV.  Meanwhile, radioactivity from the Holocaust breed new terrors.  Mutants, shambling terrors, and even undead now stalk humans as prey.   As the years have gone on mankind has become increasingly sterile and unable to reproduce.  The last human child must survive this new world of post apocalyptic horror.  His tribe dead, he puts his trust into a young teenager named Cherry.  Can she deliver him to New Eden and save humanity in this alternate history end time epic?

Caution:  Content is Intended for Mature Audiences.

Bloody Cherry is © 2017 Hixson Hammer, Wesley Lovecraft, and Cryptic Escape Magazine. 

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