Star Crashed


Carson Crash has been thrown far into the future and across the universe into another galaxy.  Lost and alone he is forced to befriend aliens, star lords, and demigods in an attempt to return to his own time and place.  Away from his daughter, he has to cope with his wife’s death and wonder the universe never knowing if his daughter survived the Fourth world war back home on Terra.  A giant intergalactic empire has risen around him as factions fight for galactic supremacy and total annihilation of all things divergent.  Crash is forced to take control of his destiny in this realm of Science-Fiction Fantasy and non-stop action and Carnage Adventure!  Hyper fast ships, planet shattering battles, and blazing hot women are the price of this deadly dangerous space chase! The known universe is about to burn as a father’s love for his daughter compels him to get home.  No matter what the cost!

Warning:  Content Intended for Mature Audiences.

Star Crashed is © 2017 Hixson Hammer, Wesley Lovecraft, and C E Publications. 

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    1. Thank you! This is actually a promo, the rest will appear once we get the copyright approved and then we’ll be happy to put up the rest of our universe for all to read!

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