Crossing Jack Cross


A private dick is thrown into a world of darkness, eldritch horror, and supernatural intrigue as he tries to unravel the mystery of  Noweyr.  Around every corner, antediluvian terror stalks the innocent and brave alike.  Jack Cross, a down on his luck detective who has lost all pride and filled with consuming remorse has all but given up on his crap life.  That is until his tale of revenge begins.  Go back to the 1920’s at the height of the Pulp Fiction era with Jack Cross and his mysterious coterie of unexpected allies who all are trying to escape the Noire drama and enigma of Noweyr.  Be wary traveler, to enter the city limits of this cursed city invites murder and ultra-violence at every turn splashed with emotional addiction.  Will Jack solve the mystery that surrounds this ghostly spectacle of Diablre, Voodoo, and Witchcraft or will he be enslaved to the torment of fate?

Warning:  Content Intended for Mature Audiences

Crossing Jack Cross is © 2017 Hixson Hammer, Wesley Lovecraft, and Cryptic Escape Magazine. 

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