Killing Me Darkly

Killing Me Darkly


Sometimes justice is a jail cell.  Sometimes justice is a noose.  Other times it’s two bullets to the back of the head.  What happens when you know all of your government’s secrets?  What happens when every elite assassin in the world is hunting the bounty on your head?  All hell breaks loose!  The world’s top assassin and super spy, Kal Slayed, must go on a killing spree to save the world in this thrilling adventure of Femme Fatales, high octane force, and world domination.  It’s a race across the Earth, the Moon and against time to save the planet from the criminal elite that has taken over the planet.  When you know too much you will never retire.  Kal Slayed vows he will not stop until justice is met! Intrigue, political espionage, high impact action is this hit man’s morning coffee.  Time to brew up some badass!

Warning:  Content Intended for a Mature Audience

Killing me Darkly is ©2017 C.E. Publications

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