Cryptic Escape’s Hallloween Movie Extravaganza! Sept. 28-Nov. 2


Greetings boyz and ghoulz!  Join Cryptic Escape this October for a nightly movie of chills, terror, and horror!  The classics are resurrected from the grave to haunt your waking hours!  Join us from September 28 – November 2 for this longer than a month long event!  We cannot wait to startle you!  We always celebrate October early and let it run late here at Cryptic Escape and we know that you can’t wait for October to get here either!

Please leave comments for LIVE discussions on the page during the movies where we hope you will enjoy them and discuss the good old days of fantasy horror.  The legends of horror will be here at our party!  Join Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein, Peter Cushing, and the father of horror himself, Vincent Price!

We are sharing these old movies with the intent of educate people to the genre of horror and where it came from.  It’s been a long road for horror and to best understand horror is to know where it has come from!

Have a great Halloween!

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