And Now the Screaming Starts (1973 Full Movie)


One thing the Brits are really good at are cranking how high-concept horror movies.  “And Now the Screaming Starts” is a less than perfect example of this.  Starring the legendary Peter Cushing and Patrick Magee we’re introduced to how boring 1795 really is.

The movie was written by Roger Marshall and based on the novel Fengriffen by David Case.  Directed by Roy Ward Baker and starring a believable cast, high budget sets, and great music the film just doesn’t quite live up to its potential and a great horror movie.

It’s not a bad movie, it’s really quite good.  Even though it’s not as great as it should be the movie is enjoyable and will keep you interested.  Thanks to the curse that servant places upon our attractive Catherine (Stephanie Beacham).

There are some good scares and then there are some pointless one that will make you go…”What was that for?” Which is why we love this movie.  It’s kinda like the bad ass drunk cousin that no one in the family wants to claim.  They love him at the family reunions but has a habit of over staying his welcome.

Please enjoy in moderation…”And Now the Screaming Starts”