The Addiction (1995 Full Movie)


A philosophy student from NYU, Kathleen Conklin (Lili Taylor) is suddenly attacked by a woman, “Casanova” (Annabella Sciorra), in a dark alley.  Cassanova tells Kathleen to “Order me to go away” however Kathleen is so filled with fear she can’t do so.  Casanova bites her and from there on the movie turns into a visceral outlook on vampirism and drug addiction.  

Vampires are immortal in the film however they’re addicted junkies in search of a constant supply of blood.  They also place the blame on their addiction on their victims for it was their fault that the victim can’t resist them.  This becomes apparent when Kathleen has a conversation with a friend, Jean (Edie Falco).

The visceral film is amplified when Christopher Walken‘s character shows up and then the ending will blow your mind.

I want to thank Nicholas St. John for writing this great movie and Abel Ferrera for directing this great movie!