The 8th Plague (2006 Full Movie)


Low budget horror night here at Cryptic Escape.  The 8th Plague is a 2006 horror film directed by Franklin Guerrero Jr. It stars Charles Edwin Powell, DJ Perry, and Leslie Ann Valenza.  We occasionally show case these low budget indie films to support the genre and keep the imagination alive.  Just because a movie isn’t big budget or have good actors doesn’t mean their vision doesn’t deserve to have a chance at portraying their ideas.  Love em’ or hate em’, the lowbies have a place in all our hearts.  

This particular lowbie is about a woman named Luana who is compelled to investigate the disappearance of Nikki, her sister.  Nikki never returned from Halcyon Springs while on a camping trip.  Mason, a local of the town, signs on to help Launa find her sister and guides her around an old abandoned prison…because that is where everyone turns up missing I’m sure.  🙂

While in the prison Launa has to contend with the forces of an ancient evil force.



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