Halloween Edition: Alone in the Dark (1982 Full Film)


Dr. Bain operates a psychiatric recovery home because we all know that’s always a fun occupation during Halloween.  On the third floor of the home houses all the real loonies.  We have a Preacher who is obsessed with pyromania, Byron “Preacher” Sutcliff.  Next door we have former POW Frank Hawkes who is just a tad paranoid.  Down the hall we have our resident fat ass child molester, Ronald Elster, and how can we forget Tom “Bleeder” Skaggs.  He’s just the homicidal maniac.  What the hell could go wrong in this absolutely delightful vacation of rest of relaxation?

We love this movie and we thought it was a good way to continue to bring in the Halloween season.  This slasher film was directed by Jack Sholder and stars Jack Palance, Donald Pleasence, and Martin Landau, all film legends.  The film also stars Barclay from Star Trek’s Dwight Schultz who must protect his family from a series of perfectly sane escapes from a psychiatric home.

Even though the movie was kinda a lame duck on release over the years it has become one of New Line Cinema‘s best cult classics.  Jack Palance & Martin Landau will scare the living hell out of your kids so be sure to let them watch!


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