Halloween Edition: The Brain (1988) Full Movie


A television show called “Independent Thinkers” is hosted by Dr. Blakely.  A psychiatrist who runs a mega-popular self-help talk show that was commonplace in the 80’s.  However, the audience is doing absolutely zero independent thinking of their own.  He secretly is controlling them with the help of an alien organism that allows him to replace their thoughts with this own.  So naturally, the world would be a better place if he just decided to take it over!  Too bad there is a pesky teenager who in typical 80’s fashion gets in the way.  This mega cult classic is a must see!

Thank you Killershrewfan for making a trailer for this great movie.

I love Canadian horror, they seem to have all the brains…okay bad joke *cough*.  The Brain is a great addition to the Horror Edition of Cryptic Escape because it’s a perfect example of a decent plot, eerie background music, low budget, and a pretty girl with some campy special effects.  It’s a film that really tries and as a result grew a cult following like more horror movies of its genre.  You will actually find the movie a breath of fresh air compared to the more modern movies that they seem to pump out every week now.

Unfortunately, I could not find somewhere to buy this movie except on Ebay in VHS.

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