The Monster Walks (1932 Full Film)


Ruth Earlton and her fiance Dr. Ted Carver are summoned to her father’s house on a dark and stormy night (of course).  Upon arrival, they are informed that Ruth’s father has passed away and the family is gathered to read his last will and testament.  

Before the will is read the family takes the time to explore the estate.  A large ape is discovered hanging out in the basement and was the recipient of many mysterious experiments that Ruth’s father conducted on it.  Later, the family learns that the entire estate is to be given to Ruth unless she is dead then it goes to her uncle Robert.

That night when Ruth is in bed a large, powerful hand creeps through the headboard of her bed and grasps her by the throat in an attempt to strangle the life from her.  She manages to scream and the hand disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

The “Who Dun It” starts here and has a surprise ending that you might not see coming.