Aenigma (1987 Full Film)


Today we visit St. Mary’s College for girls, where we follow Kathy, who keeps to herself and is socially awkward.  However, her life will take a serious turn for the dramatic and horrible.  Kathy would become the victim of a practical joke that was played on her by a group of assholes and a CrossFit gym teacher, Fred Vernon.  Convinced to go on a date with Mr. Vernon she jumps the shark and makes her move while parked in a car however the gang of students jump them and make fun of her.  Kathy runs away and is hit by a speedy oncoming car and is thrust into a coma…

Time for a bloody tale of vengeance to me!  Plus a cool movie poster.  🙂

The story was written by Giorgio Mariuzzo and was directed by Lucio Fulci.  Fulci would go on to admit that inspiration for the film came from Carrie while he was making the movie.  He would also claim it to be “one of my best films of recent years”.

Despite the local Bostonian myth, the film was actually never filmed in Massachusettes but in Sarajevo.  Sorry film tourists!  Enjoy this bloody good tale!