Curse of the Puppet Master – (1998 Full Movie)


The sixth installment of the Puppet Master franchise, the Curse of the Puppet Master was a direct-to-video release and explores what happens when you place the soul of a human and turn them into a demonically charged super puppet.  Nothing could go wrong with that of course.  Monsanto could only wish for such success I’m sure!

This film some would say was responsible for bringing the Puppet Master franchise back to life which continues to this day as a guilty pleasure for all horror movie fanatics.  This gem was written by Benjamin Carr and David Schmoeller.  Directed by David DeCoteau and stars Emily Harrison as the attractive female lead.

Curse of the Puppet Master features all of your favorite sociopathic puppets who do the bidding of their master and will always be a staple of the horror movie genre!  Thank you, Full Moon Entertainment!