Albino Farm (2009 Full Film)


If ever you come across a town out in the middle of nowhere called Shiloh and an old blind gas station owner tells you a creepy legend of creepy mutated religious fanatics lacking skin pigmentation you should probably just keep on driving.  Too bad Stacy, Melody, Sanjay, and Brian never got the memo.

They nearly hit a kid and blow a tire where they end up stopping at the gas station where that pesky blind red neck was.  He gives them a tire and tells them to keep on going but of course, college being college kids feel the need for adventure and decide to go right into Shiloh.

Que the mutants, bibles, and WWE Superstars!

Albino Farm was shot in Marionville, Missouri. It was also filmed in nearby Warrensburg and just outside Willard. The film is loosely based on a legend about college students exploring the Ozark Mountains.  Written and directed by Joe Andersen and Sean McEwen, the films biggest star is non-other than WWE legend Chris Jericho who plays Levi.  Richard Christy, Tammin Sursok, and Alex Neustaedter also star in the film.