Embryo (1976 Full Movie)


So hopefully everyone had fun yesterday on Valentine’s day.  Now to show you what happens if you weren’t very responsible!  Enter Embryo!  A movie about a geneticist, Dr. Paul Holliston, who discovered a hormone that rapidly encourages the growth of embryonic tissues in living animals…or people.  🙂

In typical mad scientist fashion, he begins his experiments on Dobermans, who become vicious but what the hell, let’s try it on humans because…science!  He applies his new treatment on a suicide victim and her eggs rapidly grow exponentially and soon a Victoria (Barbara Carrera) is born and she is smoking hawt!

Holliston decides to give Victoria a college grade education.  She succeeds and even goes so far as defeats the chess champion, Riley (Roddy McDowall) in a chess game.  To reward her he decides to become intimate with his own experiment and of course things can only go up from there!

Warning, smoking hot genetic experiments tend to become very jealous!

Embryo stars Rock Hudson, Barbara Carrera, Diane Ladd, and legendary Roddy McDowall.  The film was directed by Ralph Nelson and explores what happens when you meddle with the natural order of creation.