Bad Taste (1987 Full Movie)


The Astro Investigation and Defense Service (AIDS) sends a crack squad of out of shape quirky badasses to investigate the disappearance of every single person in the tow of Kaihoro, New Zealand.  Upon arrival Derek, Frank, Barry, and Ozzy discover that the entire town has been overrun by aliens from a faraway planet and they are harvesting humans to supply their fast food chains!  This movie is the perfect treat for a Friday night!

Bad Taste is cult favorite created by none other than Peter Jackson (yes, that Peter Jackson).  It’s a great mix of science fiction, horror and splatter all rolled into one.  The movie was written, directed, produced, and even stars Peter Jackson and a few of his real-life friends who shot the film over the course of four years on the weekends.

Yes, the movie is low budget but it’s so comical that the gory special effects and the lack of financial resources work to the movie’s favor.  The movie is definitely a horror favorite that true horror fans embrace willingly.

Much of Bad Taste was filmed near Peter Jackson’s hometown of Pukerua Bay, New Zealand and he used a single 16mm Bolex camera that was older than most of the cast.  The film was initially supposed to be a short film called “Roast of the Day” and Jackson would go on to incorporate many intentionally absurd special effects for the gore.

All of the firearms in the movie are well-made fakes and all were made from aluminum tubing and you can actually see the actors shake themselves to simulate recoil from the firearms.  Post production would add the sound effects and flash.

The actors who played the aliens each at to wear masks that Peter Jackson actually used his mother’s oven to create.  If there is a will there is a way!