Six-String Samurai – (1998 Full Movie)


“In 1957, the bomb dropped, and the Russians took over what was America.

The last bastion of freedom became a place called Las Vegas and Elvis was crowned King.

After forty rockin’ years, The King is dead.

Every guitar picking sword swinging opportunist, including Death himself, hears the call echoing across the wastelands.

Vegas needs a new King.”

You are in for a treat tonight fellow escapies!  The hard-rockin’ sword swinging Buddy (probably Holly) travels the nuclear wasteland to become the new King of Las Vegas!  With guitar in hand, samurai sword in the other carves a swath of bloody justice in this post-apocalyptic alternate future film.

Buddy must traverse the dangers of what is left of America.  The Soviet army still occupies the land, insane cannibals, other musicians with killer talents, and even Death himself seek to claim the title of king.

Six-String Samurai is a comedy action film set in an alternate timeline where the earth succumbs to nuclear destruction.  Directed by Lance Mungia and stars Jeffrey Falcon as Buddy and Justin McGuire as the Kid.  Brian Tyler composed the musical score and along with the Red Elvises.

The movie won several awards at Slamdance, those being for best editing and another for cinematography.  Fangoria, Film Threat, and Ain’t It Cool News would also express their love of this film.

What really stands out in the film are the various satire homages throughout its runtime.  For instance, the main character, Buddy is obviously Buddy Holly who represents the birth of Rock’ n’ Roll.  He comes complete with horn-rimmed glasses and suit.  Death bears a very similar resemblance to Slash from Guns N’ Roses, who would go on to kill other musicians like Jerry Lee Lewis, a few mariachi’s, and a country western singer, even hip-hop is represented.

Another symbolic scene is when Buddy duels a  musician resembling Ritchie Valens who died in the same plane crash that took the lives of Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper.   The ending would be very symbolic to in regards to the history of Rock N’ Roll.

BONUS:  For you Fallout: New Vegas fans there is an achievement called “New Vegas Samurai”.  The image for the achievement is actually based on the movie poster from Six String Samurai and you can acquire this achievement if you deal more than 10,000 points of damage with any melee weapon.

In the movie itself, there is town located 200 miles from Las Vegas and it’s called “Fallout”.  Neat huh!