Metropia (2009 Full Film)


In the near future the world is running low on resources.  Peak oil has arrived and to keep peace corporations have risen up to control the destiny of humankind.  “Dangst“, a shampoo has a chemical in it that allows the Trexx corporation to control and monitor the thoughts of the population and control every aspect of their lives.  Roger (Vincent Gallo) stumbles upon this plan and teams up with the supermodel Nina (Juliette Lewis) to try and free humanity from the iron grip of the global conglomerate Orwellian dystopia.  

Metropia is a thrilling CGI animated film directed by Tarik Saleh and written by Fredrik Edin, Stig Larsson, and Tarik Saleh.  The movie makes use of photographs that have been altered through CGI and then animated.  The movie also won many awards from multiple film festivals for its interesting animation and compelling storyline.  It’s definitely different and full of intrigue.  Juliette Lewis definitely adds to the movies surrealness.