The Omen (1976 Fox Film)


We all know that Satan is the ultimate badass when it comes to villains.  Some movies do a horrible job of portraying the Prince of Darkness, however there are those exceptional few that really make you realize just why he was thrown out of heaven to forever torture us people here down on earth. 

One of these classic films that holds close to the Christian Revelations lore is The Omen!  Made in 1976 (20th Century Fox), it would terrorize the living hell out of Christians and non-Christians alike.  It’s the first film in a terrifying trilogy that makes you wonder if your world leaders are bitches of the Anti-Christ.

Written by David Seltzer and directed by Richard Donner, they manage to take a little child, a satanic cult, and extreme elements of the super natural and they make you find religion really quick.  Legendary actor Gregory Peck, who plays the little boys father has some serious morale dogma to work through in regarding to his son being the Anti-Christ and the the conspiracy of all the world’s politicians trying to bring about the final chapter of The Bible.

The Revelation.

It’s our hopes that after watching this film you’ll want to actively go out and search for the trilogy and purchase them so you can watch them.  They’re totally worth the effort and if you want to scare the shit out of your girlfriends, this boys is the movie to do it!

So cue the creepy music, lock your dog up (trust us), and try not to get to suspicious of your children.  We promise, not all of them are frothing minions of the dark lord.

We present, The Omen!

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