The Bodysnatcher (1945 RKO Radio Pictures Film)


Not to be confused with The Body Snatchers, this is a completely different movie based on Robert Louis Stevenson‘s short story of the same title, The Body Snatcher.  The movie based on this Stevenson’s story was made in 1945 and would be the very last film in which film legends Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi would star together.  The features real body snatchin’!  Not aliens coming down and taking people over.  Though that is also a spooky fun concept! 

Think of Re-Animator in 1831.  Mad-scientist steals corpses, reassembles them, brings them back to life..what could possibly go wrong?!   However the movie focus’s less on dead corpses but the build up of tensions between the movies characters.  Namely the two legendary actors (Karloff and Lugosi) as the pull for this classic Robert Louis Stevenson adaptation.

The movie is less famous for it’s horror but more recognized for it’s portrayal of the short story and fans of Stevenson were tickled to have such legendary actors play the roles.  Even though it would be the last time they would perform together on the silver screen.

With excellent production quality, sets, and a story that pulls your heart strings from the very beginning.  A doctor willing to do anything to cure a little girl from paralysis and advance the human race in the name of science.  But with all things, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Or in this case…lots of dead bodies!

This version of the film has been slowed a bit, in the video settings just adjust the speed to 1.25 and it’ll sound tons better.

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