Saturday Night Drive In: This Island Earth (1955 Universal)


This Island Earth is most notable infamous now a days as that film that MST3K made fun of.  Though the MST3K guys made us laugh at the film, when This Island Earth was released back in the 50’s it was hailed by critics everywhere praising it’s high-budget special effects, great script, and the amazing Technicolor in this science-fiction masterpiece.

The book, written by Raymond F. Jones, carried over it’s title to the film which was directed by Joseph M. Newman and Jack Arnold.  TIE would star Jeff Morrow, the beautiful Faith Domergue, and Rex Reason.

So what is this bad boy about?  Well without giving too much of it away it takes a hot shot jet pilot and genius inventor (must be a hobby) receives instructions to build something called an interocitor.  Dr. Cal Meacham (Reason) and his assistant build the device and soon a enigmatic dude named Exeter (played by Morrow) appears on the screen of the interocitor.  Exeter informs them that building the device was a test and is then invited to apart of a top secret project.

They accept and are whisked away to the state of beautiful Georgia by a stealthy DC-3 where he meets up with other super intellects and world authorities on smart stuff.  One such smarty pants is Dr. Ruth Adams (played by Domergue), has a romantic history with Dr. Meacham.  Dispite this history though, she fails to recongize him and that arouses suspicion as to what the heck is really goin’ on.

What happens next you’ll have to watch.  However; it involves cool special mechanical special effects, aliens, a mass death toll, and one heck of a great story between two alien races battling each other in an attempt to wipe out the other with meteors and mind control.

The movie ends in a climatic embrace of beatific technicolor gold mixed in with some Greek tragedy.  This movie shouldn’t be remembered as the movie that those three guys in the theater made fun of.  It truly is a inspirational science fiction piece of awesome.

Tonight we bring you…THIS ISLAND EARTH!

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