Ash Vs. Evil Dead: Season 1, Episode 1 (“El Jefe” Review)


What do you get when you take Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Rob Tapert and 30 years of iconic cult mythology?  ASH VS. EVIL DEAD!  No matter what your favorite Ashely Williams installment of the Necronomicon lore you prefer you will find something that will draw you to this tell written and polished show.  Yes it has over the top gore, comedy, intense action and cinematography, but it also has what us Evil Dead fans have been waiting 30 years for.  Chainsaw’s and BOOMSTICKS!  So lock n’ load and get ready for the ride of your evening!

If you’re not familiar with the cult horror movie, Evil Dead, then you are not a true horror fan.  As a matter of fact you’re not even a movie fan.  You’re basically just someone lurking on the internet for something to troll because you’re high speed internet capabilities have cause you to be bored due to surfing everything.  But that’s off topic!!!

Back on topic…you can end your senseless internet search right this very moment because ASH VS EVIL DEAD is the absolute cure for your boredom.  Sam, Bruce, and Robert get together and show you that making movies is still fun.  Bruce Campbell reprises his role as our bad-ass Ashley Williams.  You can’t help but feel your excitement start to grow the very moment he puts on that girdle.  Every scene you’ll be looking for that boomstick and a very dead deadite.

ash.jpgAsh is still a coward but immediately comes to his super bad ass self when his hot friend become threatened.  His one liners comedic acting are classic and loony especially in the ValueMart when he breaks a bunch of light bulbs.  You realize that Bruce is still the king when it comes to this franchise.

However; ASH VS. EVIL DEAD seems to leave out the lore of Army of Darkness.  Which is kinda strange.  He has no iron gauntlet for a hand and the flashback scenes are completely left out for that installment.  For the most part it seems they’re only including the lore of Evil Dead 2, which they review in perfect gritty form.

I won’t spoil much of this for you.  This was an insane fun ride and was so goddamn bloody I can’t wait to see more.  The violence is terrifying but at the same time classic Raimi comedy and Bruce Campbell is off the hook.  You’ll be tickled with horrified laughter the entire episode.

ashandcoThe show also pokes fun at the aging Bruce Campbell and hell, he still looks good!  Old age however isn’t an excuse not to destroy evil deadite bastards.  Bruce grabs you by his rosewood hand and takes you through extreme gruesome violence mixed with a kick ass rock n’ roll soundtrack.

Do not be fooled however.  ASH VS. EVIL DEAD is not just about the gory violence.  It’s is inherent of the Evil Dead universe, yes, however this show isn’t just about handing out shotgun shell sandwiches.  When Lucy Lawless appears on screen and the introduction a few new characters (Pablo, Kelly, and Amanda) you know that Raimi and Tapert definitely have more some major character development coming your way.  By the middle of the episode you’ll already feel heartwarming closeness to those characters.

Ash is obviously the flagship character of the series.  Pablo (Ray Santiago), becomes his unwitting sidekick who you can’t help but find humorous in his worship of Ash.  Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) is a sassy take no crap piece of …sweetness.  She is equally as witty as Ash and just as tough.  Amanda (Jill Marie Jones) is a well endowed avenging detective out to find out who’s responsible for all the weird shit going on and to avenge her partner.  Lucy Lawless, appears randomly but you’ll squeel when you see her and we can’t wait to see how they develop her character.  I have a feeling we’re in for a hell of a ride.

amandaandruby.jpgRaimi is definitely one of the masters of horror.  He is one of the few directors in Hollywood who can scare the living crap out of you if he really wanted to with minimal effort.  He sets up the storytelling and the mood just right each and every time.  Expect many jumps and slow rising crescendos of terror.

Even though Raimi is only directing the pilot, I worry and I hope the other directors can keep to the imagery that makes the Evil Dead the Evil Dead.  Even if not however; I absolutely believe that Bruce Campbell and company will be able to keep you laughing and jumping through out the series.

Most shows suffer from a pretty boring pilot episode.  They’re usually cut and dry until you get to the second or third episode.  ASH VS. EVIL DEAD however explodes into your living room and leaves it a wreck of destruction and havok for 45 minutes!

When it ends you’ll be craving more!  It ends on a perfect one-liner and classic Evil Dead gimmick and you will definitely be around for episode 2.  This show is the most entertaining show I have seen for a very long time.  The Walking Dead is good but ASH VS. EVIL DEAD was created by veteran horror junkies who know how to use 30 years of lore, talent, anticipation, violence, and hilarious dark comedy that no other show could even compete with.

There is only one word I could have said with this review and saved you all this darn archaic practice known as reading.



C E Score Sheet (1-5)

Production Quality: 5
Cast: 5
Cinematography: 5
Soundtrack: 5
Story: 4
Re-watchability: 5

C E Metascore: 5 Get STARZ (you can watch the first episode for free) and watch ASH VS. EVIL DEAD now!  Do not wait!  You’re deadite slaying destiny calls to you!