Saturday Night Drive In: The Ape (1940 Monogram Pictures)


Yes, this movie is about an ape.  Don’t click away!  This movie is anything but monkey business! Legendary Boris Karloff stars in this film about a mad-scientist who needs human spinal fluid to cure polio.  While at the same time an Ape escapes and goes on a rampage through town.  However; things take a WILD turn when the doctor becomes desperate for his spinal fluid and concocts a dastardly plan to cure polio in the name of science.

So where does a mad-scientist get said human spinal fluid?  Well from humans doy!  The doctor goes all Leatherface on the ape and goes out disguised as the ape to get what he needs no matter the cost!

The movie is short it’s only 62 minutes so just pretends it’s like an quirky episode of CSI or something.  The film isn’t really that great but it is a good story and worth telling.  By today’s standards it’s really a goofy story those ol’timers made up but it can lead to greater inspiration.

Like…Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Enjoy the film!

Liked the film?


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