The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962 Full Movie)


Tonight we bring you an old favorite.  The Brain That Wouldn’t Die!  It was directed by Joseph Green and written by Rex Carlton and Joseph Green.  The movie was actually filmed and canned in 1959 with the title “The Black Door” however it would not be theatrically released until May of 1962.  It was renamed and also double billed with another classic “Invasion of the Star Creatures.”

A mad scientist discovers a way to keep the human body not just preserved but completely alive.  After such an experiment he keeps a woman’s severed head alive for indefinitely and other monstrosities from his earlier experiments.

Dr. Bill Cortner (Jason Evers) plays the mad scientist who commits various murders in the name of science!  Because that makes it okay!  🙂

The head was played by Virginia Leith who lost her life in a car accident.  She develops telepathic powers and can communicate with the doctor’s other failed experiment.  Then things go wild after that.  As if they weren’t from the moment he put her head on ice. ..