The Blob (1958 Paramount Film)


The Blob, or The Molten Meteor as it is otherwise known, is a 1958 De Luxe colorParamount Pictures released this film as a double feather with “I Married a Monster from Outer Space.”   Directed by Irvin Yeaworth, the film stars legendary actor Steve McQueen in his first leading role as a “teenager” (McQueen was 27 at the time) alongside his leading lady Aneta Corsault

The film depicts a small meteor crash which unleashes an ever growing and dangerously corrosive alien amoeba like creature.  It consumes and absorbs the citizens of Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  McQueen and others try to rally a way to stop the monster before it engulfs the entire town.

The film went through many changes.  The Molten Meteor being it’s original title was changed.  The monster was called “the mass”, “The Glob”, and other names the producers eventually changed the film name to “The Blob”.

The movie would eventually go on to spawn several remakes and sequels and is actually good goofy fun.  So grab your popcorn and prepare for good ol’ fashioned De Luxe color presentation of The Blob!

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