Saturday Night Drive In: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920 )


This weekend we go back in time to 1920 where the pioneers of cinema had to struggle with issues we could only have nightmares about in today’s time.  Issues like expensive film, mixing sound, the right make up, and of course very little money.  These pioneers of of the silver screen were able to create mythical works of art that can bring us into a live action book!  Otherwise known as a motion picture.  We salute these pioneers with tonight’s screening of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! 

Of course being a film from the 1920’s it is a silent film.  Wait!  Before you click away because you hate organ music and/or allergic to reading check this out.  When this movie was playing in the small theaters all around the world it was the very first time people were exposed to this type of horror.  People were literally fainting from blood curdled anxiety!

If it were not for these cinema masterpieces (silent films) you would be reading books today!  You get that!  So sit your butt down right now and honor these granddaddy’s for being able to advance this fad known as movies into what we know and love today.

$15 dollar movie tickets and $7 popcorn.  <.<


The Idiot Box.

Boob Tube….

Okay you get the point.  We owe pretty much all of our modern story telling to these silver screen explorers who literally made kick ass movies and stunning imagery despite the lack of technology we have today.

They had to use magician illusory to get the film to look they way it does and it looks great! If not for this effort we would would have to still read books!  You don’t want that do you!!!!

The trick to these silent films is watching them at night and in the dark.  Turn the sound off or play your own music if you want (that actually works) or watch it like it’s intended.

Robert Lewis Stevenson’s tale of Dr. Jekll and Mr. Hyde is a terror classic and John Barrymore (Drew Barrymore‘s granddaddy) kicks ass in this film!

So enjoy this timeless classic.  I myself prefer listening to Pink Floyd or Metallica when I watch this  Enter Sandman when Jeykll turns into Hyde is just damn awesome.  🙂

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