Saturday Night Drive In: Just Imagine (1930)


Tonight we go back to the future…of 1980!  It’s interesting how you can see one of these old films and it almost literally takes you back in time.  Or in the case of tonight’s feature the future.  Just Imagine is the film that probably made Back to the Future a cool film.  You see the parallels of how this incredibly fun film can be when you start comparing what they thought the world was going to be like by 1980.  Though they weren’t far off, you can’t help but feel a giddy nostalgia when you look at this film and it’s cool special effects and artwork that stand out in this incredible film!  Then it kinda spooks you out after you realize that the things they imagined are happening in our lifetime!

Just Imagine starts in 1880, where you see the simple life of how good people had it.  Then it fast forwards fifty years to 1930, where there is nothing but traffic jams and everyone is in a hurry.  Then to make a point, it again fast forwards another fifty years to 1980 where they thought the world is going to be…much different then we have it today.

In 1980 New York the government is in complete control.  No one has names but numbers and designations.  All the buildings are huge skyscrapers connected by various bridges and huge tall elevated highways.  All the people are flying around in there cars.  Food has been replaced by pharmaceuticals, and babies come from what appear to be vending machines.

I shit you not!

The movie’s plot quickly takes place as J-21 (John Garrick) flies next to his honey LN-18 (Maureen O’Sullivan).  As it turns out the government has rejected their claim to get married and LN-18 is going to be forced to marry MT-3 (Kenneth Thomson) against her will.

Then the film takes a crazy twist.  They resurrect a guy from 1930 who apparently had died by a lightning strike while playing golf.  They take the time to show him how things have changed since 1930 and the tale of futuristic star crossed lovers begins.

The film has fantastic special effects and imagery and you will find it fun and engaging.  The film is by no means big budget action but you won’t mind.  You’ll find yourself wondering how the heck they did all that cool special effect stuff for a 1930’s film!

So put the golf clubs away and get ready to go to the future!  Err…what could have been 1980 anyway…


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